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Mahomet Christian Church:
A History of Blessing and Service
The Mahomet Christian Church was begun through the prayers and encouragement
of the First Christian Church in Monticello, Illinois, and its preacher, Arthur Peterson.
Stuart Couve, representing the Central Illinois Evangelizing Association, also served
as an advisor in the initial stages. An advertisement was placed in The Mahomet
Citizen in March of 1975, inviting anyone interested in discussing planting a Christian
Church in Mahomet to meet in Mike Tilford’s home on March 10th. The meeting
revealed that several people in Mahomet were attending Christian Churches in other
communities, and were interested in discussing the planting of a new work in
After some further discussion, approximately eight families planned a Sunday
Evening Bible Study service beginning on April 6, 1975, in the Lincoln Trail School.
Fifty people attended that first service with Clarence Taylor, an elder from the
Saybrook Christian Church, leading the study. Sunday evening meetings continued
as plans were made for full services to begin in July. On July 13, 1975, both morning
and evening services began with attendance of 65 in the morning and 45 in the
evening. Gary Finley, who commuted from Rapid City, Illinois, served as the weekend
preacher, and directed an active calling ministry in the area as the Church continued
to grow.
On November 30, 1975, Gary Barnes was called as the first full-time preacher for the
church. An abandoned building on Main Street, which is now the Mahomet Township
offices, was rented to serve as an office for the minister and a part-time secretary.
During this time, the church grew in attendance and funds were increasing which
were to be used for the purchase of land suitable for a building site. Building plans
and designs were considered, and a survey was taken of the entire Mahomet area to
increase the outreach of the Church.
Gary Barnes left in March of 1977, and in August of 1977, Bill Schoville was called as
the full-time preacher. The five acres of land where the church is now located was
purchased, and ground was broken for the first building on August 1, 1978. To assist
in the growing ministry needs of the Church, David Schoville was called as an
Associate Minister on August 13, 1978. David later moved into the position of Senior
After a year of hard work and sacrifice by many men and women from the Mahomet
congregation and other congregations, services were held in the new building on
August 5th, 1979, with an attendance of approximately 90 people. The building was
dedicated to the Lord’s service during a special “Dedication Day” service on
September 30, 1979. Two baptisms, one transfer of fellowship, and six rededication
decisions highlighted the day.
As the congregation grew, plans were made to add educational space, and ground
was broken for the addition to the building on Sunday, April 27, 1986. Several
classrooms, a kitchen, new offices, and an open foyer area provided much needed
space for the growing congregation. The addition was dedicated March 29, 1987.
After Bill and David Schoville concluded successful ministries of ten and eight years
respectively, a period of six months passed as a search began for a new preacher.
The congregation extended a call for the Senior Minister position to Kyle Hoff, and
Kyle began serving the Mahomet congregation on Easter Sunday in April of 1988. The
congregation then extended a call to Mac Burberry to serve as the Associate
Minister with an emphasis upon work with the young people of the church. During
the next three years, the congregation grew and moved forward in many areas of
service and spiritual growth. Kyle Hoff left the Mahomet Congregation to serve a
congregation in his home state of Oregon in February of 1991.
The congregation then called Mac Burberry to the Senior Minister position beginning
on February 10, 1991, and due to continued growth the congregation chose to move
to a double Worship Service and Sunday school format in the spring of 1994. As a
result of this growth a Future Facilities Team was formed in the fall of 1997. The team
conducted surveys and studies with the help of AAA Church Building Services. After
a year and a half of prayer and study by the Future Facilities Team two
recommendations were presented to the congregation. The first, approved in the
summer of 1999, was to conduct a capital stewardship campaign, which resulted in
commitments of more than $580,000. The second was to pursue plans for a
preliminary drawing that was presented to the congregation early in 2000. On
February 13, 2000, the congregation approved construction of a new auditorium and
the renovation of the current facility. The construction and renovation were
completed at a cost of 1.5 million dollars. The first service in the new sanctuary was
held in November of 2001, and a celebration service was held the following weekend.
After a ministry of over 15 years, Senior Minister Mac Burberry resigned at the end of
October, 2003. Dr. Pete Verkruyse and Dr. Robert Lowery served as interim preaching
ministers. A pulpit search team was formed at the end of February 2004, and in May
2005, MCC called David L. Johnson, Sr. to be our Senior Minister. He began serving
the congregation on June 12, 2005.
After years of having students from Lincoln Christian University helping as weekend
and part time youth leaders, in June of 2009 MCC called Jeff Dyson to join our staff as
full time Youth Minister. MCC continues to serve Mahomet and the surrounding
communities as we grow in faith and numbers