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Inclement Weather Policy


During the winter months, the weather may make it necessary
to cancel or delay the times of worship.  Therefore, two plans are
in place in the event of inclement weather:

PLAN A:  Adjust Sunday Services by dismissing
Sunday School and ABF and moving time of worship to 10:30 am.

PLAN B:  Cancel all Sunday services and activities.

You can check on service cancellations or changes in service times in
any of the following ways:
*  check the church website at
*  Call the church office listen for a message: 586-3095
*  Tune in to WCIA Channel 3 TV
*  Tune in to WDWS 1400 AM radio
*  Tune in to WHMS 97.5 FM raido

Our plan is to have the word out by 6:00 am Sunday morning