Touching the world with God's Love. Teaching them with His Word.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Sundays 9:00 – 9:45 AM
Summer Quarter – Starts June 4, 2017

Adult Electives:

A Call to Christians

Teachers: Mike Tilford; Nic DiFillipo

Location:  The Garden Room


Life Change Series study of the book of Job

Teachers: Bob Braham; Doug Hilsenhoff

Location: The Shed

Life … it happens …. the good and the bad. However there are times when the bad seems so disproportionate and overpowering. The worst possible calamities have befallen Job: financial ruin, his children’s death, an agonizing disease. And a disaster worse than these: The God who was once his friend is now silent and the apparent cause of his sufferings. What is God doing? Is He really as good, loving, powerful, and just as Job has always believed? Find answers from God in the life of Job.

Questions from New Testament study

Teachers: David Johnson; Susie Dumser

Location: Room to the right of the Fellowship Hall entrance

Dave and Susie will continue to answer questions from the weekly New Testament reading.

In His Eyes – Becoming the Woman God Made You to Be

Teachers: Diane Wattles; Mindy May

Location:  The Fellowship Hall