Touching the world with God's Love. Teaching them with His Word.

Sunday School Classes

Sundays 9:00 – 9:45 AM
Spring Quarter – Starts March 5, 2017

Adult Electives:

God Loves Us

Teachers: Mike Tilford; Nic DiFillipo

Location:  The Garden Room

Is it possible to spend too much time talking about the love of God?  The inspired authors of both the Old and New Testament don’t think so!  This quarter offers a kaleidoscope sampling.  The quarter is divided into three units which will allow us to study and discuss both the depth and the power of God’s love in our lives.

  • Unit 1 – “God’s Eternal, Preserving, and Renewing Love”
  • Unit 2 – “God’s Caring, Saving, and Upholding Love”
  • Unit 3 – “God’s Pervasive and Sustaining Love.”

Every Christian will enjoy examining the varied ways God’s love impacts each of our lives.

Life Change Series study of the book of Job

Teachers: Bob Braham; Doug Hilsenhoff

Location: The Shed

Life … it happens …. the good and the bad. However there are times when the bad seems so disproportionate and overpowering. The worst possible calamities have befallen Job: financial ruin, his children’s death, an agonizing disease. And a disaster worse than these: The God who was once his friend is now silent and the apparent cause of his sufferings. What is God doing? Is He really as good, loving, powerful, and just as Job has always believed? Find answers from God in the life of Job.

Questions from New Testament study

Teachers: David Johnson; Susie Dumser

Location: Room to the right of the Fellowship Hall entrance

Dave and Susie will continue to answer questions from the weekly New Testament reading.

True Contentment

Teachers: Diane Wattles, Mindy May

Location:  The Fellowship Hall

The apostle Paul says, “…I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” (Philippians 4:11).

Notice that Paul uses the word “learned,” as contentment does not come naturally.  Using the Women of Faith study, Pursuing Contentment, the women’s class will explore what the Bible says about dissatisfaction, grumbling and restlessness.  More importantly, we will explore what the Bible describes as true contentment and how it is a skill to be learned.

We all want to be that woman who exudes acceptance and serenity in the midst of the trials and problems we face daily, but that means a “heart adjustment.”  Women of all ages, come join us in our pursuit of contentment through the instruction and wisdom found in God’s Word.

Parenting class

Teachers: John and Julie Grygiel

Location: The Fireside Room (downstairs)

Knowing how to teach and guide your children through life can feel overwhelming at times. Jesus showed us by His example how to love, not force, God’s principles into someone’s life. Join us as we discuss Parenting with Grace and Truth – Leading and Loving Your Kids Like Jesus.  This teaching will be supplemented with 30 Ways in 30 Days to Strengthen Your Family and Faith Begins at Home.

Youth and Children Electives:

High School: Apologetics – Teachers: Jeff Dyson; Dixie Schoonover

In a pluralistic culture filled with numerous voices and worldviews, how can we help our students more clearly understand, explain, and defend their Christian faith? The 17 lessons in LIVE Apologetics will equip teenagers to do just that!

Lessons focus on several major themes:

  • An Overview of Apologetics
  • Understanding Who Jesus Christ Is
  • Responding to Specific Worldviews
  • Explaining Your Faith to Others

LIVE Apologetics will equip and encourage your students to clearly and effectively explain why they believe what they believe. And they’ll be prepared to respond to some of the worldviews they encounter, including atheism, agnosticism, Buddhism, and Islam.

Middle School: Grapple – Teachers: Kristen DiFilippo, Bea Hilsenhoff, Stephenie Braham

Your preteens need more than the same old Bible lessons; they need Bible depth.   Grapple is specifically designed to get preteens grappling with tough questions in meaningful ways so they understand and own their faith. Grapple gets kids into the Bible.

Kindergarten – Third grades: Christ-like Attitudes, Obedience, Working for God – Teacher: Mike Cornwell, Rhonda Young

Two – Four year olds: HeartShaper series continues – Teachers: Linda Pietrzak, Cheryl Cornwell

The pre-school class will be learning about how God Made People, Moses and God’s People and Joshua and God’s People this fall.