Touching the world with God's Love. Teaching them with His Word.

Children and Student Sunday School Classes

Youth and Children Classes:

High School: Apologetics – Teachers: Jeff Dyson; Dixie Schoonover

In a pluralistic culture filled with numerous voices and worldviews, how can we help our students more clearly understand, explain, and defend their Christian faith? The 17 lessons in LIVE Apologetics will equip teenagers to do just that!

Lessons focus on several major themes:

  • An Overview of Apologetics
  • Understanding Who Jesus Christ Is
  • Responding to Specific Worldviews
  • Explaining Your Faith to Others

LIVE Apologetics will equip and encourage your students to clearly and effectively explain why they believe what they believe. And they’ll be prepared to respond to some of the worldviews they encounter, including atheism, agnosticism, Buddhism, and Islam.

Middle School: Grapple – Teachers: Kristen DiFilippo, Bea Hilsenhoff, Stephenie Braham

Your preteens need more than the same old Bible lessons; they need Bible depth.   Grapple is specifically designed to get preteens grappling with tough questions in meaningful ways so they understand and own their faith. Grapple gets kids into the Bible.

Kindergarten – Third grades: Christ-like Attitudes, Obedience, Working for God – Teacher: Mike Cornwell, Rhonda Young

Two – Four year olds: Elijah, Daniel & His Friends; God Helps People Do What is Right – Teachers: Linda Pietrzak, Cheryl Cornwell